Wednesday, April 25, 2018


I know I am crazy at times.  I had an overwhelming urge to start my third Mill Hill Laurel Burch cat.
And I did.   I already have too many WIPs going.  Time crunches on a couple of things and really should not have done it.  Yet, I did it.

This is the packaging

Progress as of 4-24-2018
I chose the linen option.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


See all the fuzzy stuff
That's the green that I ripped out from the 3 Cats canvas
(see a couple of previous posts)
I have found a new green that seems to be working
Updates coming

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Yes, Barbara stitched the rug!

Stitch something in memory

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I should have shown this yesterday but never got a chance.

If it's Monday, It must be snowing

Yes, it snowed again on Monday
the fourth one in a row.

Today there is still a frost on the ground with frost warnings for tonight.
Are we skipping spring this year?

Sunday, April 15, 2018


This is 3 cats
(my name)

This is the current section I am working on.
Not sure that I like it
Color is so-so, stitch is sorta ok
doesn't quite match
thread is a pain in the neck  (it's rayon)
no matter what, it doesn't lay flat
I've "waxed" the thread, made it wet, etc
still frays and still rolls

Notice the yellow next to it.  I found a combo of two threads that matched exactly.
The leaves were supposed to be white but I changed it to green.
I have red beads going in where the red spots are now.

This is the long view of the section.
The blue "hives" are in tent and will have white thread on top of them
debating between 2 stitches vs a bead (large)
The color of the "hives" will be the same as the blue
on the very bottom - see first photo.
It is different in color and type of thread than the blue triangles on the this side.


What do you think of the color?
of the stitch  (Mosaic)?
of the thread itself?

Any Suggestions?


Progress is being made
When it goes to get framed, I've decided to put something dark 
behind it so the white stands out better.
HOMe is stitched in actually.

This is/was an EGA project.  It is currently unstitched.
This was created using crayons, an iron and stencils.
The background will remain unstitched
the heart will be stitched.

Another EGA project.
Fabric covered box.

I opted for two colors.

That's it for my updates.
The 3 cats have taken most of my time lately.
The yellow area got ripped out twice (not all of it)
I only did small patches to test colors, etc
One of the things eliminated was the rayon thread.
Lots of WIPs never got touched this period nor will they
over the next three weeks which is a really busy time of the year for me.

Check out the rest of the group 
and welcome the newcomers

Saturday, April 14, 2018

An interesting week.
Monday snow on the ground and continue to snow thru the morning
Tuesday wake up to heavy frost
Wednesday more frost but eventually reaches 50 degrees
Thursday it hits 70
Friday is 70 as well
Today it 50's and rainy, more rain expected over next 2 days.

I did get some genealogy and needlework done.  Update on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018